Word-Saturated Meditative Prayer

All too often, we can find ourselves caught up in how busy and noisy the world around us can be. From work and errands, to balancing time of relationships, friendships, and family, we can find ourselves running on "empty" if we're not careful. Having a daily routine of setting aside time for prayer is essential for fostering our relationship with Christ, but can also be helpful in supporting our own need to be healthy and find peace. Dr. John Eckrich, who is the founder of Grace Place Wellness Ministries, endorses the daily practice of Word-Saturated Meditative Prayer as a way to come to the Lord in prayer in a way that is restful, peaceful, and faith-building... (continued)

Back-to-School Blessings

The start of the school year is a milestone for any child, with all of the excitement about classes, friends, and all the newness that's ahead. It would be wonderful for churches and ministries to find ways to send students into their school years with blessing and encouragement as they learn about who God has created them to be. Pastor Dave Hall, who is serving at Mt. Hope Lutheran Church in Boulder, CO, has suggested celebrating this checkpoint for children by holding an annual "Blessing of the Backpacks" during a church service at the start of the school year... (continued)