St. Mary’s Mobile Food Pantry

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance is a community-based organization in Arizona, consisting of individuals, corporations, and private grants that are geared towards ending hunger in Arizona.

Over 2 million Arizonans lack consistent access to adequate food every year.

Christ Church Lutheran has recently partnered with St. Mary’s, in order to create a mobile food pantry that takes place on our campus. The pantry runs for two hours, every second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

The cost for Christ Church Lutheran to host this mobile food pantry is exactly $0. We don’t pay for the food or for the delivery. We also don’t have to worry about safely storing the food on our campus. Everything is given away, the same day it arrives.

We simply receive the food, sort it, bag it, and carry it to cars. Any team of dedicated volunteers could run a mobile food pantry; it does not require a paid staff member.

The families that attend this food pantry were already coming to our campus every week for Christ Cares for Kids, a service which provides free diapers, clothing, and resources to young families. We just put the mobile pantry in the parking lot of Christ Cares for Kids, so they do not need to expend any more time/energy from their week.

At our first mobile pantry we were able to give food to 67 different families, which ultimately helped to feed about 300 people. This past week, we were able to provide food to 84 different families or 437 individuals. In two weeks, by the grace of God, we helped provide food to over 700 people.

$0 to operate. $0 cost for people receiving food. It’s hard to beat those margins.