Reach Young Families

As we get closer to the start of the school year, it is just about time to start discussing ideas for how a church and build relationships with communities of young families with schools in your area. Susan Hewitt has some ideas on how the people in your congregation could find ways to volunteer at the local schools in your area to open doors for the young families in these places and point them to Christ.

Ask almost any pastor or church leader what they desire most, and you will hear they desire “to reach young families.” Has your congregation considered volunteering at your local public school? Most of our LCMS churches have a large percentage of their members that are either retired or empty nesters. These individuals can volunteer one-hour a week or more in the local elementary school. Once a quarter, the church could host a game night at the school which would expand relationships to the children’s parents and engage the rest of the congregation’s members. UpWorks in Minneapolis and St. Paul has been creating these church and school partnerships for over two years. Most schools greatly value additional helping hands and the social-emotional gift to students provided by volunteers. Church volunteers are sharing the love and care of Christ and when asked can share why they are serving (1 Peter 3:15). There are several church and school partners that are hosting “Love Your School Days” in August to gather community partners (programs that assist families) while allowing low income families to receive donated school backpacks and supplies.

For more information and ideas on how your community could try ideas like this, contact Susan Hewitt at with any questions you might have.