Imagine going to faith-based event, where everyone asks questions, but no one specific person answers the questions. Alpha is a 10 to 11 week course. There are a million different ways you can do Alpha. The one I attended was at a church in the Valley. It usually starts with food. Food is fundamental, communal, … Continue reading ALPHA


In 2002, a group of suburban churches in Houston, Texas came together to address a common issue. Houston was becoming increasingly diverse and the Church was struggling to keep up. It was failing to connect with non-white populations. It needed local, indigenous leaders to help bridge the gap. Since 2002, that original group of churches … Continue reading LINC

FiveTwo Network

The focus of FiveTwo is always "Who". In 2009, the FiveTwo Network began with the impetus of helping people plant churches. After all, Bill Woolsey (founder of FiveTwo) is a church-planter. Under Bill's leadership, CrossPoint (Katy, TX) grew from seven families to over 1,000 members. In 2012, though, the FiveTwo Network intentionally broadened and diversified … Continue reading FiveTwo Network

Dwelling 1:14

"Dad, joining Jesus takes time, but man is it worth it." What if Jesus desired everyone to live their life on mission, not just pastors, or paid church staff? The premise of Dwelling 1:14 is simple: Equip real people to live more intentionally missional in their everyday contexts. What if Jesus-followers connected in their neighborhoods, … Continue reading Dwelling 1:14

Worship Nights and Fellowship

Do you find yourself in stretches during the summer or other times in the church calendar where it feels like the community calendar is in a bit of a "slump?" Over summers and other holiday seasons, it can be difficult to keep families around and find things to do in your church and community. Roger Howard, as Minister of Worship and Music at Christ Lutheran Church in La Mesa, CA, would recommend trying to put in a few worship nights in during those times where things get slow. Howard and Christ Lutheran in La Mesa have put their worship nights, or Thursday Night Commons as they're dubbed, into the schedule and found them to be a good way to "keep families around and minister to them in what can be a down time" of the year... (continued)

Sports Camps and Ministry

Whether locally or globally, sports bring people together. Competition, fellowship, and individual growth and improvement are all parts of what makes sports such a draw for children and adults alike. With that, finding ways to work sports into your areas of ministry can be helpful avenues for connecting your community in ways that can also point people to Christ. Pastor Randy Buecheler at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Lake Arrowhead, CA would recommend trying a sports camp, especially during summer when there is plenty of open space in the calendar. Mt. Calvary runs a summer soccer camp through their ministry, which could be a helpful idea to talk through in your community as well... (continued)