Dwelling 1:14

“Dad, joining Jesus takes time, but man is it worth it.

What if Jesus desired everyone to live their life on mission, not just pastors, or paid church staff? The premise of Dwelling 1:14 is simple: Equip real people to live more intentionally missional in their everyday contexts.

What if Jesus-followers connected in their neighborhoods, their workplaces, and schools? What if the Church became something more than a product/ministry people consume on Sundays? How would the Church change?

Truth be told, this is not a novel concept. In fact… it’s Biblical, and that’s Greg Finke’s (founder of Dwelling 1:14) whole point. We are making things much more complicated than they need to be. Maybe, you’ve experienced this phenomenon:

The bloated church.

It stems from a good place, ultimately. A congregation spends time in the surrounding community, realizes there’s a need, so they build a ministry to address that need. Ministries, though, need people to run them, so the congregation hires a staff member. Each time you hire someone, though, you have to go through a committee. You do this enough times, and you — eventually — have a bloated church, with bloated methods for developing ministry. You fill up the roster with so many paid staff members, that you are actually conditioning lay people to think that missional living only happens within the confines of the ministries that already exist.

Joining Jesus on His mission (missional living) — really — just takes time and intentionality. Odds are you’re already where you need to be.

So, how does Dwelling 1:14 help make missional living a reality for congregations that need help?

Start by finding a core group of pastors, staff, lay leaders, and congregational members that are ready to commit to intentional missional living. This is all part of the Preparation Phase. During this phase, you’ll introduce your core group to Dwelling 1:14’s “Joining Jesus” materials.

From there, Greg will visit your congregation for the “Missional Lifestyle Training (or re-training) Process, which is an six-month long process. The first weekend visit just kicks off the Discovery Phase. The weekend includes meet-and-greet with Greg, all-day training and dinner on Saturday, and Greg stays to preach and lead Bible Class on Sunday, so as to introduce the congregation to what they can expect.

The Discovery Phase is six months of figuring out what Jesus is up to in the lives of the people around you and your congregation. Everyone that participates in the Missional Lifestyle Training Process (MLTP) will be asked to develop self-identified plans, and each plan has personal assignments. All throughout the Discovery Phase, there are monthly “Navigation Calls”, which are exactly what they sound like.

After six months of Discovery, the Launch Phase begins.

Greg compared Dwelling 1:14’s approach to a two-stage rocket: Discovery Weekend is the initial launch engine, which carries the bulk of the payload. During Discovery, Greg and his team will help you streamline, contextualize and prioritize the most effective approaches (this is the importance of Navigation Calls) going forward. Once the Discovery process is over, the Launch weekend visit helps to take your contextualized approaches to your ultimate goal, which is implementation and multiplication of people living missionally.

Since its inception, Dwelling 1:14 has worked with over 500 congregations to develop missional living. The results of the program range from thrift shops to cancer support groups.

One father and son duo in Wisconsin realized that Jesus was calling them to mow lawns for a family that had experienced tragedy. The Church (embodied in this father and son willing to serve its neighbor) came alongside people in need and demonstrated to them the love of Jesus with a simple act of service… mowing lawns.

Over time they developed a relationship with the family. After months of lawn-mowing, the son said, “Dad, joining Jesus takes time, but man is it worth it.” 14 years old and he already gets it.

Thrift shops, cancer support groups, and lawn-mowing may not seem like much. They aren’t big, complex, highly-polished ministries, but they don’t need to be. They’re deliberate, they’re relevant to their communities, and by God’s grace they are effectively opening up opportunities for Jesus-followers to share their faith. These are just three examples of thousands of people actively seeking to join Jesus on His mission. Some succeed, some fail…

Eventually, the numbers win out.

To implement the Missional Lifestyle Training Process at your congregation costs $9500. Not inexpensive, but this includes the Discovery weekend visit, the Launch weekend visit, monthly Navigation Calls for 18 months, and access to Dwelling 1:14’s materials.

For more information, visit www.dwelling114.org or email Greg at finkeonthemove@aol.com.