Drama Ministry in Services

Just about every church that follows a standard liturgical format includes a teaching and message on Scripture. For congregation members that are auditory learners, these sermons can be incredibly helpful as the Holy Spirit guides the words of a Pastor. There are multiple types of learners, though, and so it would be helpful to explore multiple ways to convey the teachings of Scripture to members of a congregation. Lee Kofahl serves as the Creative Arts Director at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Arcadia, CA, and has found the inclusion of drama sketches into services to be a helpful extension of a pastor’s message in her community.

“A sketch, [if] well presented, can add clarity to the pastor’s message, making it more meaningful and memorable,” says Lee Kofahl. At Our Savior Lutheran Church, Ms. Kofahl works with a worship council and her pastor in a collaborative effort to write, edit, and “green light” each sketch to make sure they are as helpful and effective as possible at complementing the teachings of Scripture the pastor’s message will focus on. Those who participate in the drama sketches meet with enough time in advance to practice to ensure their quality, and are just asked to participate, rather than needing to do any formal audition process.

The drama sketches at Our Savior Lutheran Church are usually three to five minutes long, and are a part of about one service a month, depending on the church calendar. If you’re interested in exploring the inclusion of drama and performing arts into your church services, Ms. Kofahl would recommend that you “start by listening to the pastor’s messages [at your church], and thinking about how it could be added to in a creative way.”

People learn in different ways. While some people do indeed learn by listening, others need to see something in action to see and understand the lessons behind it. Working drama sketches into your services or through your ministry might be a helpful way to further the teachings of Scripture in a way that some in your congregations might understand more clearly. Contact Lee Kofahl at lkofahl@oslcarcadia.org If you’re interested in thinking through how you could try this out in your ministry.