Children’s Community Activities

Building events and activities into your community’s calendar that are intentionally structuring a calendar for your children is a great idea. The more moments created for the kids in your community, the better! Barb Haar at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Catonsville, MD has shared ideas on how St. Paul builds their church calendar with four large children’s community activities each year to develop relationships in their community and serve their families and kids.

The four children’s community activities that St. Paul Lutheran Church put on each year are an Easter Egg Hunt, Vacation Bible School, a Trunk or Treat, and Kid’s Christmas Morning. This provides the community with four larger kids-focused events that are also spaced out to line up with major seasonal points in the calendar. According to Barb Haar, each of these events “provides wonderful, wholesome fun for families,” and also allows opportunities for avenues of discussion with young families on interest in school, church, baptism, and involvement in general.

The events also lend themselves well to “opportunities for youth to learn and practice leadership skills,” as some of the volunteers for each event are youth and adults from the community who even have attended the events in the past. This involvement of youth and adults from the church and community to then connect to families and children in the community is all helpful towards bring people together with Christ-honoring fellowship at specific points in the calendar.

St. Paul Lutheran Church has found it helpful to put in this continual cycle of children’s community activities each year, and there would be ways for your community to try something similar. Contact Barb Haar at with any questions you might have or advice for ideas on how your church and area of ministry could look at your calendar to create a structure of children’s community activities.