Breaking the Routine

Have you been looking for ways to bring your community together in ways that promote interactive worship and a chance to be refreshed?  Valley Lutheran High School in Phoenix, AZ has been putting a Night of Worship into their routine and found it to be a helpful time for students, teachers, church members of the on-site Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church, and other members of the community to set aside time for reflection, prayer, and praise.  What’s additionally notable about these VLHS Nights of Worship is that they are fully planned and facilitated by a group of students in the school’s Worship Arts class. “It’s remarkable what our students have been able to think up for these, from creating interactive worship stations to choosing and leading songs for the worship sets,” says Daniel Parsons, teacher of the Worship Arts class.

VLHS holds a Night of Worship once every 1-2 months, ensuring that for each quarter of the school year or season of life, there is an opportunity for the community to break routine and be together in worship on what otherwise would have been an average weeknight.  The purpose of these Nights of Worship is twofold. First, each Night of Worship is an opportunity for individuals to come and worship in a way that is authentic to them, with multiple music-based worship sets and various stations allowing for interactive worship. Second, each Night of Worship gives an opportunity to the youth of the school to lead in worshiping through playing songs, reading Scripture, and leading prayers.

“It is incredibly valuable that our school requires chapel twice a week so that our students have time to be together in worship and praise, but having an additional evening every now and then that is fully optional for students to go to has been a blessing to our community in encouraging our students to take their faith into their own hands,” says Daniel Parsons.  In having a night every now and then in which people can come and worship through singing songs, writing prayers, and being active, Valley Lutheran has seen an encouraging amount of spiritual growth and support in their community. If you’re interested in more details in what they do and how these Nights of Worship are structured, contact Daniel Parsons from Valley Lutheran High School at to see how this could fit into your community.